About Us

The foundation for DBXGear was set four generations ago with our forefathers producing and selling sporting goods and clothes.

DBXGear is a British family-run business, in the truest sense. Founded by Asmar in 2013, outdoor challenges fuel his fitness journey; Tough Mudder, Three Peaks and the Boston Marathon are some of his highlights! His wife Sedif, enjoys her bike that goes nowhere and has featured on a brand campaign for Peloton as she explores her fitness journey of cycling, yoga and strength from the comfort of her home! Asmar’s nephews have also joined the DBXGear team. Mohammed, a keen amateur golfer and cricketer and Hasanain, a frequent gym-goer; both with aspirations to achieve fitness goals of their own.
It’s easy to see where the passion for high-quality sporting and lifestyle goods stems from!

This team is committed to bringing their UK based designs to life, using premium quality materials and modern manufacturing technology to produce efficient and effective gear. They work directly with manufacturers in Pakistan, allowing for a very hands-on approach to the whole process. Thereby enabling them to bring you high-quality goods at affordable prices, whether you’re starting out with a new hobby or you’re a professional athlete.

DBXGear are firm believers in ethical and fair trading and ensure an adult workforce, competitive pay and good working conditions at the manufacturing plant in Pakistan. Sustainable growth is more than just a tagline for DBXGear and they are actively working on reducing their carbon footprint to make it carbon neutral by 2030. Watch this space!!